We manage fine art projects in which experts in the fields of law, finance, investment and architecture are required.

Our Motto

Wealth Preservation


Providing Advice in the intricate Art World

The purpose of Axifia is to mediate on behalf of public & private international art collectors and institutions in order to grow projects related to Fine Art. We find solutions to problems which develop systemic complexity, due to the inefficiency and opacity of the art markets caused by interactions between multiple autonomous agents that take part during periods of acquisitions, transition and transfer of Fine Art Wealth. The company achieves this goal by working in partnership with leading experts from the industry and academia, supporting them on the purpose of reaching further institutions with whom stabilise collaborations, identifying relevant problems and conceiving innovative formulations.

Our Practice Area

We manage fine art projects in which experts in the fields of law, finance, investment and architecture are required.

Nowadays, it’s  easier than ever to move pieces of art around the world. Not only the market has become more international than ever. From the museum level to the individual collector, everybody is looking for the best structures to protect their fine art wealth. In contrast to that, we find that the interest of the wealthy art owners is usually unaligned with foreign or local market and law.

Our Clients

Proud of the project results we have achieved with these industry leaders.



We provide independent and objective advice on financial plans and wealth allocation for fine art. Expert tax advice, risk management, trust structures and art foundations are offered to our sophisticated clients Read More
Axifia is the regional provider of fine art services for the largest architecture firms in Middle East and Asia, working in several mega projects in these regions. Read More
Axifia helps you maintain your art collection identity and unity across generations. An integrated approach to planning, which includes family succession planning, wealth transfer, asset protection and inventory.   Read More
We conduct adequate due diligence to museums, galleries, art dealers and artists focused on their interest over the long term. Read More

No practitioner of any practice, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone. His significance is the appreciation of his relation to his coeval and dead peers.

We can call it evolution, synergy, correlation or transversal knowledge. Whatever we name it, in Axifia we set Fine Art among the different knowledge areas. There’s no other valid approach to what Fine Art Management is.

Manuel Juárez.

Founder of Axifia Fine Art Management


Axifia to open a new branch in Saudi Arabia

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