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| Real Estate, Fine Art, And The Tangible Time

AXI (axis) FI ("there is" in Arabic) A (from "armonía," harmony in Spanish): There is harmony among the axes, which measure forces that are always present in the inception of a unique identity. The first value is passion, which is needed to formulate what doesn’t exist. Elegance to give grace, nobleness, and simplicity to the creation, unveiling distinction, refinement, and good taste. By last, the instinct of wealth preservation to transmit a legacy for the generations to come.

Passion, elegance and wealth preservation participate in good measure in the history of remarkable civilizations. For this reason, in collaboration with authorities, we serve the visionaries of our era: global UHNW families, family businesses, and investment companies.

Real Estate Consultancy

We provide our sophisticated clients with assessment and strategy on new lines of real estate investment world-wide. Our services include business modeling and planning, design, property management, operation and exploitation, sales, and acquisitions.

Fine Art Management

AXIFIA offers an unwavering commitment to creativity, excellence, and integrity to the stakeholders, coordinating their different incentives and agendas. From the initial strategy until the last detail, we deliver projects with a clear vision, straight-forward programs, and accessible to all kind of publics.

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