Client Survey

Welcome to REGeorgia's survey for new clients

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Have you already visited Georgia?
If you visited Georgia, what kind of visit was it?
If you visited Georgia, which cities or areas did you visit?
Let's talk about your investing profile.
Do you have any kind of personal or professional interest in Georgia beyond the investment?
Is this the first time you invest in real estate in a country you don't live/work in?
Why would you like to invest in Georgia?
What do you expect from this investment in terms of profitability? (Obtain a monthly income from rental, property appreciation, enjoying the property, etc.)
How many properties would you like to buy?
What is your budget for a single property? (in USD)
What's your total budget to invest in Georgia?
About the property that you have in mind
How do you want to take advantage of this property once you acquire it?
When you think of the property you'd like to acquire, where is it located? Write the city and city areas if you know them.
When you think of the property you'd like to acquire, this property looks like (choose one or many from the list below)
Thinking of the procedures
You can purchase a property in Georgia facilitating power of attorney (PoA) to our team so we sign the paper on your behalf or visiting the country to sign them yourself. If you choose to go through the process without visiting Georgia, you will be required to provide legalized PoA or PoA with Apostille of the Hague depending on the issuing country. What would be your choice? (if you choose to not travel, we will provide the instructions and requirements for apostille/legalization)
If you chose to travel, what's your availability to travel?
When do you want to start using our services?
If a property you like comes up, is it mandatory that you to visit personally the property before buying it?
Do you want us to tour with you in the property scouting during your trip to Georgia?
Would you trust our team to have a power of attorney so we can buy the property you choose on your behalf?
If you don't want to give a power of attorney, could you travel to Georgia for signing the property acquisition within a short notice?
Do you think you will require additional services such as....?