Family Offices

Axifia Fine Art Management pays special attention to our global financial families, offering innovative solutions for structuring and planning of art investments. Axifia Fine Art Management truly rely on sharing views on trends in both the traditional market and alternative class asset investments as a suitable modus operandi to go further in its understanding of financial and economic complexity that comes out while managing investments.
Thanks to its position as international investment advisors, Axifia Fine Art Management can provide independent and objective advice on financial plans and wealth allocation for fine art. Expert tax advice, trust structures and risk management are offered to our sophisticated clients to innovatively combine the enjoyment of artworks while protecting, enhancing and collecting profits.
Whether you are a single or multi-family office please contact us to receive our professional advise and request the services of Axifia Fine Art Management.

Specialist Consulting

Axifia Fine Art Management advises family offices on techniques and investment strategies related to Fine Art. Similarly, we perform ad hoc projects that help during periods of transition and transfer. Our services for family offices include the following specialties:

  • Inserting art investments within the alternative investment portfolio.
  • Art investment plans.
  • Evaluation of the geographical art market. Defining the type of art to invest in and the market in which transactions are conducted.
  • Creating art investment funds such as “family and friends” fund and art clubs and training corporate managers who manage it.
  • Consulting on art investment.
  • Planning of legacies and family estates.
  • Audit and due-diligence for full Fine Art collections.
  • Financial and tax advising.
  • Consulting to leverage investment in purchases of works of art.
  • Creation and launch of legal structures such as foundations, museums and fiduciary instruments (trusts).
  • Design of programmes of artwork loans to public museums and related tax exemptions.