Collecting Families

Private art collections of our customers require the same tools for preservation and geographical asset allocation than other financial components included in the strategic investment portfolio. With the advice of our expert team our sophisticated investors can produce good yields thanks simply to the proper administration of such artistic wealth.

Today the number of art-buying families is rising thanks to the wide range of prices of the artworks. Besides, traditional wealthy families in possession of fascinating collections keep their presence in art markets buy buying and selling art pieces as usual. Any of the above could realize about the intricate operations they have been involved with, and they would probably suggest the outsourcing of experts just to avoid direct dealing with intrinsic issues in this market.

Whether you are a small as a great collector and wish to receive our personal advice, please contact us and request services of Axifia Fine Art Management.

Specialist Consulting

Axifia Fine Art Management offer our sophisticated investors a global maintenance and investment design for their art collections. The projects range from strategic positioning and exhibition loaning of the works to financial planning and tax advising, transfers and sales of complete collections. Our services for collecting families include the following specialities:

  • Creating art investment funds such as “family and friends” fund and art clubs.
  • Consulting on art investment for art buyers.
  • Planning of legacies.
  • Audit and due-diligence of full Fine Art collections.
  • Financial and tax advising.
  • Consulting to leverage investment in purchases of works of art.
  • Creation and launch of legal structures such as foundations, museums and fiduciary instruments (trusts).
  • Design of artwork loans to public museums and related tax exemptions.