Art Investors

In Axifia Fine Art Management, we are aware that the most sophisticated investors are creating a strategic portfolio of tangible assets to diversify their investment in traditional financial assets. Most of our investors and our company share a common point of view in Finance and Economics, pursuing the same investment goals that merge diversification and uncorrelated investment vehicles. Therefore, in case of fluctuations in the traditional investment markets, the investment products we offer could protect our sophisticated clients from substantial economic loss, and consequently the risk of bankruptcy decreases substantially.
Following this line, our investors request that part of their diversified portfolio go for the purchase of works of art, or the artistic market share through art investment funds. For those who invest wisely, the potential benefits to be gained from a work of art increases as the advice and the buying and selling timing are right.
The experts in Axifia know that every study case is different, and we can proudly say that because of the high requirements of art taxation and geographical asset allocation we are used to dealing with, our clients consider us experts in those fields and a company to rely on.

Specialist Consulting

We assist investors seeking to integrate art into their purchases of tangible wealth. In this way we help them to integrate Fine Art in their portfolios and we encourage them participating in our group of investors through art investment funds. Whether you are a small investor as an advanced, do not hesitate to contact us. Our investor services include the following specialities:

  • Integrating art investments within the alternative investment portfolio.
  • Management of collections of art as a means of diversification of investments in tangible goods.
  • Creating art investment structures as art investment funds, art clubs, foundations, and private art collections.
  • Determination of investment strategies, objectives and structure.
  • Selecting artworks for art investment structures, art investment monitoring and research of emergent markets for new investment strategies.