Fine Art Management

Fine Art Management is the branch of Axifia responsible for providing fine art investors and owners of fine art pieces independent services as consulting, education, networking, data management and research in order to optimize their exceptional wealth. Providing governance objective knowledge on art, art investment, and financial planning for art assets is our number one priority.

Historically the fine art wealth from families has been managed by their owners. When the necessity of conservation and growth arises, it is essential to outsource the management works. Today, thanks to Axifia’s fine art managers our clients are achieving better yields from their artistic wealth. Our managers are experts in economics and investments, international law, fiduciary systems and international art markets. Therefore, in Axifia Cultural Management we design comprehensive plans for the estates of individuals, corporations, and museums.

We support collecting groups and their advisers by operating at the forefront of innovation and “best practices” in art wealth management and investment. Axifia is an international firm highly skilled in the wealth structuring of art and other investments of passion within sophisticated family collections and the leading authority on best practices in art due-diligence.
With the art market becoming increasingly less predictable, even the most experienced collectors benefit from professional guidance, which is why we offer trust, perspective, and absolute discretion. More than ever, confident decision making about art investment demands easy and efficient access to dependable resources and trustworthy relationships.