Art programme design

Our sophisticated investors are serious collectors who want their art collections to mirror a part of themselves. Creating an artistic program including works acquired over a large period of time helps each individual piece take their proper place, and can be considered a reflection of its owner’s way of thinking. Our collectors regularly ask us to help them to tell their story through acquisitions, that after all give meaning to a large part of his life. In Axifia take from the smallest to the largest collection family legacy to become a representative institution, and we do it at different scales. From the collection and cataloguing of the works until the legal creation of foundations.

  • Specialist Management

Axifia’s Manifesto includes the promotion of Fine Art without establishing a priori boundaries. For our clients we create entire documentation programmes, exhibition and advertising management and diffusion. We trust that this good practice is what makes profit in real terms, whether economic benefits, increased prestige of a brand through his private collection while promoting access to Art and Culture throughout public and private commitment. You can ask for the following specialized services:

  • Creating databases and dossiers for exhibition catalogues and files.
  • Preparation of temporary exhibition programs and plans for long-term display.
  • Designing catalogues and curatorial programs for private collections.

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